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Political 4-cast: Four ways newspaper marketing enhances your campaign

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The forecast for political ad spending in the 2024 U.S. election is expected to reach record-breaking levels. 

Political ad spending for the 2024 election is forecast to reach between $12.32 billion and $16 billion, representing a significant increase from previous election cycles:

  • Insider Intelligence/eMarketer projects $12.32 billion in total political ad spending, up nearly 29% from the 2020 election.
  • GroupM forecasts an even higher figure of $15.9 billion (or $17.1 billion including direct mail), which would represent a 31.2% increase from 2020.

While digital advertising is growing rapidly, traditional media still plays a significant role in political advertising:

  • Traditional ad spending is expected to grow 7.9% compared to 2020, reaching $8.86 billion.
  • Local broadcast TV remains the dominant channel for political advertising.

Although newspaper advertising -- print and digital platforms -- doesn't get the same revenue streams, it is an effective tool to help win campaigns. Consider this: 

Local targeting: Newspapers often have a strong local presence, allowing campaigns to reach specific geographic areas effectively. According to a Coda Ventures Market Study, eight out of 10 American Adults read newspapers in print or digital formats each month. 

Credibility: Print media is often perceived as more trustworthy, which can be valuable for political messaging. According to the Coda Venture survey, newspapers are more trusted and relied on more for government information than other media types, with 64% of Americans saying they rely on newspaper content to make important voting decisions. 

Demographic reach: Newspapers in their print version tend to reach older demographics, who are more likely to vote. Newspaper websites have stronger reach with Gen Xers and millennials. Nearly eight of 10 newspaper readers vote in elections, 20% more than non-readers. 

Complementary strategy: While digital spending is increasing, using a mix of traditional and digital media can help campaigns reach a broader audience. As more ad dollars shift to digital and TV, there may be less competition for newspaper ad space, potentially offering better value and more room for your message to shine.

To maximize the effectiveness of newspaper marketing in political campaigns, advertisers should consider integrating it into a broader, multi-channel strategy that includes digital, TV, and other media formats. This approach can help reach diverse voter segments and reinforce campaign messages across multiple touchpoints.